"WETZLAR Every now and then one has the possibility to meet a world star at the beginning of his career in Wezlar. Either at the prize winning concerts, the FsetspieleBei or recently at the den KulturStation, where pianist Arseni Sadykov swept an audience of 120 liteners."
10.08.2015, mittelhessen, „Jazz trifft Klassik - Arseni Sadykov spielt“, Von Klaus- J. Frahm
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„Arseni Sadykov has taken his place alongside Beethoven- with the Second Piano Concerto in Bb Major. A vivacious whirlwind. A faun, who enchanted the orchestra. He carried out a dialogue with the conductor/MD Christian Fitzner as well as with the musicians, established the dynamics and played properly with the graceful, Mozart-esque material. A sensitive soloist who let the piano sing and, in a way, sang himself. As Glenn Gould once did. Beautiful!!“
Volksstimme, „Wernigerode feiert die neuen „Pianisten-Sternen“, Hans Walter

„The way that this artist celebrates the notes, brings out the nuances, and lets his fingers wander over the keys with fascinating fluency will bring you to astonishment.“
16.07.2011 Ottobeuren, „Wuchtige Werke“, Eduard Probst

„With a magnificent vision for sound, Arseni Sadykov filled his audience with enthusiasm. His playing revealed an extraordinary depth of feeling, a personality that empathizes so intensively with the works that one would think that he is creating the music from his own inner being.“.
13.10.2008 Schwäbische Zeitung,
„Polazker Pianist entwirft hinreißende Klangvisionen“, Christel Voith